When you want to change the lock, fix the lock

Thinking of what to tell to a locksmith

When you want to change the lock, fix the lock, replace the door, locked out or any locksmith related job you should always wait a moment and do not panic first of all.

Breathe and type on google locksmith and the problem that you have.
Now there will be a wide range of all types of websites the top one will be with adds, that means they paid a lot o money to be on the top of page, especially in London , and google will place them above the one with good reviews and well established companies.
If you haven t selected to see the results whiteout adds this will happen with any google search .
Now you scroll down and there will be the one placed next to your location shown on google maps.
Just after that the proper websites start to show. The one with good reviews are the first one to see, even so check the reviews because most of them have reviews but once you read them you might be surprised not in a good way.
Many websites advertise low prices like 39£ call out and locks from 24£, obviously you will not be charged in the midnight hours 39£. And will newer tell you call out charge is with VAT for example or call out doesn’t mean any Service is just the fee to come to your place and nothing more.

And locks starting from 24£ are the one from the shed door.
A good company dispatch will always tell you “starting from” but keep in mind that the dispatcher lady or man is not a locksmith and for an exact price the locksmith technician must come at the property.
Our company is offering the best prices with locksmiths available 24/7, fully trained, DBS checked and very friendly aiming to receive the best feedback service in the trade.
So please stay calm, research a bit , exclude the one with the adds and call a well established company with good reviews even if there are as low as five. Most of them don t have even one.


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