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The Abs Avocet door lock
The Abs Avocet locks is one of the best locks made to protect your home and family.
The Avocet uk company has designed a lock that is made to decrease the cases of burglaries and theft with the Abs secure locks having its anti snapping feature.
“This company has impressed with their commitment to eradicating a criminal practice that is all too easy, with a product that is proven to keep burglars at bay “ said MR Jim Maddan Chairman of the neighbourhood and home watch network. Avocet Hardware is a primary sponsor for them.

Is this Abs Avocet good ? How good is more exactly?

This locks have been designed to prevent burglary and theft . In most common cases there will be a uPVC door having the classic cylinder fitted. The classic cylinder has a weak part in the middle wich breaks very easily. Once the cylinder has been snapped the door will be opened .

That smile it is .

What the Abs has is the anti Snapping feature. The middle part wich breaks easily have been replaced with a material that will not snap on any circumstances.
But please note that not all the cylinders are anti snapping are like the Abs.
Please note that the cheap lock that doesn’t have three stars rating on the Sold secure diamond rating like Abs.
Not all the locksmith company’s provide Abs cylinder, but we stock all range of Abs locks.
Accredited with the British Standard TS007 3 stars Abs secure lock is the only cylinder that has passed the SS312 Sold Secure Diamond standard and also approved by Secured by design.

The Avocet Abs secure lock has reduced snapping crimes in the Uk in the past 10 years with over 20000 burglary cases bringing a dropping 42 percent burglary rate.

We recommend you to secure your front door with an Avocet Abs lock for the your safety.
Call us now. We operate 247 entire London and Surroundings.

Tenant has moved
You have property and was rented, the tenant left or finished the agreement.
When you have a situation like that it will be a great decision to change the locks front and rear. You you intend ta live there go for the high security lock, if not at least for the medium security one. Our company supplies all locks from all brands such as Yale, Chubb, Banham and many other brands. Top quality is a must, we strongly recommend do not go for the basic security locks.
A video door bell will also be welcomed so you see instantly who is knocking on your door. A video surveillance will be also recommend for any house and any perimeters.
All locks comes with three to five keys, we also provide master keys for multiple locks available on special orders. Please note that it will take two, three days to deliver the product. Available with same key open all doors.
It is a proven fact that once the tenants left there will always be in need to collect something like a letter or a lost object by the removal Service. So you better be a step ahead of all that and call a locksmith. We operate 247 entire London and surroundings.

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