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When will a locksmith have to break a lock?  

Emergency locksmith in London

When worse comes to worst, locking yourself out of your car or home can mean having to call up a locksmith. Sometimes it’s an easy fix but when your keys break off or get stuck inside a lock, it can get a lot more complicated. If your locking mechanism jams, don’t worry! Most locksmiths can repair a lock quickly, cost-efficiently, and without having to break it.


When will a locksmith have to break a lock?


The answer will usually depend on the type of door and security system you’ve installed, but locksmiths will generally not have to break your locks—and much less your door—to fix it. If you’ve installed multiple locks or integrated a much more complex security system, however, the damage tends to increase.


Though some have successfully done it, we never recommend trying to break into your home or vehicle. Not only will it look suspicious—you’ll have to deal with the broken glass or hinged. Most professional locksmiths will be equipped with the right tools to carefully unlock your doors, so avoid attempting a more extreme “solution.” It doesn’t usually end well for anyone!


How much does it cost to remove broken keys from a vehicle’s ignition?


How much you’ll have to shell to remove your key will depend on the type of key you have. Removing a regular key will set you back anywhere between $100 and $150. This will cover the costs of the locksmith meeting you where you are, removing the key, and duplicating it.


If you have a transponder key, you can expect to pay more for it, from $200 and up. Not only will a locksmith have to perform all the steps to removing a regular key, but they will also have to reprogram they key entirely.


Is it possible to remove a key yourself?


If your key isn’t entirely jammed into your ignition, chances are you might be able to salvage a few parts yourself using a pair of needle-nose pliers. If you aren’t equipped with removal tools, we don’t recommend making an attempt yourself, as you can end up damaging your ignition cylinder and end up paying for an extra repair.


While removing a few parts yourself will certainly lower the cost of hiring an emergency locksmith in London, it’s imperative that you leave the more intricate work to the professionals. In the end, it’ll save you a lot of time and money.


How can I avoid a broken lock?


Your best path to prevention is keeping an eye on the condition of your keys. If your vehicle or house key bends as you insert it, don’t force it in. If it’s noticeably chipping or thinning, don’t wait for it to break off—get it replaced immediately.




As with any type of repair you aren’t equipped to handle, we always recommend calling up a locksmith if you find your keys jammed or yourself locked out of your home or vehicle.


At Locksmith Emergencies, we’re ready to help you wherever you are and at any time of the day. We can unlock your car or door, and provide all types of lock replacements in London!

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